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You have found a site that offers honest and ethical information. This is a not for profit site. That means I  aim to cover expenses, and everything else is free  for you.

This site is full of free, genuine and honest information about Tarot, angel cards and alternative therapies.

If you’re NOT SURE  about alternative treatments, tarot or angel cards you’ve come to the right place.

There is a huge interest in these things, but if you are a newbie where do you begin?

What exactly does happen in a card reading or alternative therapy?

How do you know if it’s safe?

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How can you decide if it’s for you?

This site contains pages  of information  for you if you want to know more about Tarot, angel cards and alternative therapies, but don’t know where to start.

My site gives you the basics in simple, easy to understand language.

You are absolutely  not obligated in any way if you download anything, free really does mean free here.

Holistic Therapies

Reiki & Crystal Therapy

Are you considering an alternative therapy? What do you know about them,what do they do? I will explain what a holistic therapy is, and what to expect from a Reiki or Crystal therapy.

Regression Therapy

I also offer  regression (past-life) therapy.

The Tarot & Angel Cards

Perhaps you have never had a tarot or angel card reading and don’t  know what will happen.

free download explains what happens in a card reading. Even if you know what a card reading does you should find this most useful, as it gives inside info and useful tips on finding a good reader.

Party People

If you want to know about tarot and psychic parties, then there is a page just for you.

For advice on reading the cards for yourself  click HERE

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If you are a tarot or therapy aficionado  then my in depth blog articles  should be of interest you.

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I’m sorry but I do not ever, offer free tarot readings. If you want to know why, click here.